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" News from the man cycling backwards: Christian Adam (neé Patzig *1963) beat his own record as he was sitting backwards on his bike and covered a distance of 60,45 km in 5:08 h with playing his violin. Where? A part of the highway St. Gallen ( Switzerland ) was not yet opened for the usual traffic. Coment from Christian Adam "Acoustics in the Rosenbergtunnel was specific."
Guinness Diploma
Beim Aufstellen des Guinness Rekordes auf der Autobahn in der Schweiz
picture from the German " Guinness Buch der Rekorde "
Aus dem Guinness buch der Weltrekorde : Rad & Geige

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of superlatives

A world record in cycling backwards was set up by Christian Adam ( neé Patzig ) * 1963 from Nindorf near Meldorf / Germany. Without getting of the bike he was cycling 113,3 km within 6 hours under supervision of the lokal major Sprengel. Christian would have driven further, if he had not crashed into an other cyclist, who wanted to enjoy the nature on a borrowed bike. As life goes, this cyclist who fell victim to this attempt on the road was the main police inspector of Meldorf. Although he showed understanding for this enterprice which was not really conform to the traffic regulations, Christian had to pay for the cost of repairs.
Letter from Main police inspektor
practising on the dike ....... ...... with backround Choir
Konzert unter Schafen mit Fahrrad und Geige

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